News & Events

News & Events

09th Nov
Time Stamp in the Airport

We have heard the hubbub about traveling with an EXPLOSIVE and we know that our ABS bag has a 1 time use explosive charge handle right? Now, lets take it through TSA. Yeah right, should be no sweat. Well, let's put it this way,...

25th Sep

"It all started last winter," Brian Lundstedt recalls, "we got hooked up through a mutal friend and then invited to come check out the product." Brian, never willing to miss an opportunity to check out another safety providers gear, jumped in the TBA truck and headed off to Boulder, CO....

15th Sep
Deploying the JetForce Bag

Klim Technical riding gearWe have been blessed with some great sponsors, it is always hard to say goodbye but this year Klim is bringing cutting edge technology to the table in the avalanche safety world. Their partnership with Pieps...

20th Aug
The Steamboat Powersports delivery!

The moment we have been waiting to share all summer, Steamboat Powersprts has graciously donated 2 NEW Ski-doo Summits for the '15-'16 season. 

The deal had been in the works since last winter and finally we are proud to announce that Jason and the guys from Steamboat are going...

09th Aug

First Impressions

Photo of pack open with interior pockets visible

The first thing you'll notice about this pack is the organization and the amount of pockets it has.  There's a spot for everything here.
I like knowing where...

27th Dec

Due to unforseen circumstances, tonights Beacons and Beers event has been postponed until further notice. This will be rescheduled and we will let everyone know when the event will take place! You can direct any questions about the event or resecheduling to

19th Sep


Founded in 2012, Tylers Backcountry Awareness provides entry level avalanche education and training at no cost, to raise awareness and reduce accident occurrence in the back-country. This auction will 100% benefit the TBA cause and allow them to continue to provide free training! Check out...

24th Jul

Colorado Snowmobile has teamed up with Tyler's Backcountry Awareness and Friends of CAIC to benefit our mutual desire to educate all winter backcountry users on the danger of avalanches in the Colorado Backcountry. CSA, TBA and CAIC take avalanche education very seriously and are always looking for the best way...

12th Apr

Watch the Ultimate Snowmobiler races at Crested Butte live online: